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Higher Education Marketing

Higher Education Marketing

Higher education is a goal for thousands of individuals across the country. Schools are continually looking for ways to attract students to their campuses in order to fulfill their enrollment capacities for each semester. Higher Ed Marketing is used in a variety of advertising channels in both print and electronic media today to help colleges and universities fill their campuses with eager students who are prepared to improve their lives.

College Brand
Every Higher Ed Marketing plan must start off with a unique brand message. The particular brand message of your institution should be related to the main advantage that it offers potential attendees. Sometimes this advantage can encompass a number of benefits including class size, particular course study specialties, low tuition costs and student-teacher ratios. By emphasizing a brand message, the college can create the type of educational culture it seeks.

Demographic Makeup
Each institution of higher learning has its own purpose and mission statement in the educational arena. The goals of a university are fulfilled by its faculty and its students. Drawing the right demographic of students will determine the type of campus and educational emphasis that the school wants to contribute to both the local and national educational system as a whole. For instance, a school that markets heavily toward international students will want to be known for having programs and studies that are attractive to those types of students.

Geographical Footprint
The geographical influence of a particular school will affect its Higher Ed Marketing strategy. A school with only local concerns and interests may utilize nearby radio stations and local newspapers for publishing information. Schools that have regional and national aspirations will have a larger marketing strategy that encompasses prime time TV advertising and publications with national appeal. In both cases, a quality Internet presence is highly recommended to capture leads and create buzz about the college or university.

School Website Design
Any Higher Ed Marketing plan must include a website that draws the interest of potential student attendees. Online media is a crucial component in attracting the right demographics of students. A higher education website must be highly functional and easy to use. It should offer content on school activities and curriculum and provide specific calls to action including the ability to download forms and admissions information. Also, the ability to connect with university personnel will make your institution seem more personable and friendly to interested candidates for admission.

Grow from Your Competition
A school can learn a lot from other competitive learning institutions vying for the same market segment of students. Your institution’s Higher Ed Marketing plan must account for the advantages and disadvantages that it carries against these other competing schools. Becoming familiar with other colleges and universities that draw from the same pool of students can help your school improve its curriculum and marketing strategy over time.

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