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Our high-energy marketing and promotion programs deliver brand exposure to sponsormore than 40,000 university students every single day. That’s millions per year. If this is your market, there is hardly a better way for you to increase brand recognition and drive sales into the stratosphere than with College Party Tour!

Partner with us to reach millions of hip and hungry college students through our targeted direct marketing campaigns!

Get on board our 2016-2017 School Tour!

Every year, we travel to selected top universities around the country and put on our spectacular, high-energy show with great music, exotic lighting and dance, creating a one-of-a-kind, can’t-miss-it experience. At each location, we select the most popular and exciting bar or club in the area and turn it into a huge, unforgettable live concert and college party. Ticket prices are affordable so we get tremendous participation and host the most memorable party of the year!

As a partner of College Party Tour, you’ll get extraordinarily well-targeted brand exposure, attracting thousands more college students to your products. By the end of our national tour, there won’t be a kid on any of these campuses that hasn’t seen, heard or touched your products! If you partner with us, you’ll effectively expand your reach and boost your profits.

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Five On-Campus Marketing Options:

Five Ways to Get your Brand in front of Millions of University Students

 On-Campus Marketing

On campus marketingFor two weeks prior to each well-publicized event in each city on the tour, we launch our marketing and promotions extravaganza with colorful tables and booths that attract 10-30,000 students every day. As a sponsor, your product promos and giveaways are on full display. Local DJs make an appearance and help us attract interest and energy by playing the hottest music of the day. And we “man” our booths with attractive women to engage with the public and interest them in your products. It’s an irresistible combination!

We also market sponsor products five days a week, from 1pm-6pm in the center of campus.

We also offer our partners the ability to bring one of your own representatives to tour with us and help close sales and improve your results even more.

 On-Campus Events

event-marketingWe will execute one or multiple of the coolest college parties known to university campus sponsored by YOU. Lets shed some light on your brand in a way students understands most a party they won’t forget brought to them by a brand they won’t forget. You choose the school and we take it from their we are well know on-campus for our parties so your brand is in the right hands.

 Experimental Marketing

Experimental MarketingDo you have a cool marketing idea but just don’t know how to roll it out? Or, do you just want to do some eye catching marketing that take students’ breathe away instantly? Let us lead the way on your experimental marketing campaign!

As technology moves forward so does marketing so trying new ways to grasp the attention of college students is what we love to do. Partnering with us puts you in the center of campus with thousands of students everyday. Let us lead the way!

 College Night in Las Vegas

college rave craze2016 is the first year we’ll be bringing our successful College Night to extraordinary Las Vegas! The first night is already SOLD OUT! We promote our event as a place to go for all students visiting Las Vegas from around the world. It’s a night of sheer fun and a place to party with other wild and crazy college kids and young adults from all over! It’s huge!

If you sponsor College Night in Las Vegas, we will promote your brand on our extensive marketing materials, including banners, flyers, posters and more for the duration of our stay in the area. Each week up to 40,000 students and adults will join in on the fun and be exposed to your brand and products.

We would also have merchandising opportunities for you during each weekly event.

 College Party Tour TV

CollegePartyTourTVWe will soon be announcing the launch of our new web series called CollegePartyTourTV!

Each episode takes viewers with us on a tour of a top university in the country, and watches as we crash fraternity and sorority parties and see what life there is really like! We’ll show viewers the side of the school that they’ve only been able to hear about until now. They’ll get to experience the fun without having to travel and get to learn about each of these great schools. Projections indicate we’ll have about 1.2 million subscribers by the end of our first season.

As a Sole Sponsor of our Web Series, your company would receive tremendous brand awareness associating your products with the fun and popularity of these schools! Throughout each episode, we will market and promote your brand, and include live links to landing pages to purchase your product instantly. You can expect it to drive thousands of sales.

 Online and Digital Media

Online and Digital Media Campus Media goes beyond the common online network ad buy. We provide highly targeted college inventory that goes directly to the campuses and types of college students you need to reach. We offer effective strategies for online display, rich media, SEO, video and social while layering in geo, contextual, and behavioral college targeting.

Becoming a Sponsor is easy and affordable. Contact us now!

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We’ll answer all of your questions and put together a sponsorship package suited for you and your company.

See video of our most recent tour!
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