Web Video Marketing Tips

Top Web Video Marketing Tips For Small Business

Top Web Video Marketing Tips For Small Business

The popularity of YouTube today makes web video marketing a great way to promote small businesses. Coming up with a simple video would not cost much. And the advantage of having a lot of people to view it at one time, is what makes it more exciting for these business owners. Now if you want to jump the bandwagon and use this as a medium to let the word out about your business, here are some tips that you should remember.

Upload The Videos On Your Website

Yes you can upload these videos in your YouTube account, but you should not be tied with that option alone. You should also upload it on your website and your individual blog posts as necessary. The goal of web video marketing is to spread the word about your products and services, so you need to upload your videos in different sites that you have. Do not forget to provide a short snippet before or after the video to make these posts more interesting.

Hire Someone To Do The Video Promotion For You

For this one, you will have the leverage of other people to work for you to have your videos be as more visible as possible to your target audience. Although this may mean that you have to fork over some dollars, it is definitely worth it especially if you are running after getting more views on your website.

You can take advantage of hiring people offering video marketing services to help you promote your videos further. All you need to do is to talk to them, ask for some reference websites to see samples of their work and monitor how they do the job on a daily basis.

Throw A Major Giveaway

Who does not want a cool gadget after watching your video? If major companies can do it, so can you. Of course you have to prepare the mechanics to this contest. For example, ask them to find an object that is on the background of the video and ask them to send the specific time in the video in which the object can be found. Or you can ask them to answer a pop quiz after to check what they have understood from the clip. This will make it more exciting for your visitors.

You also have to pick a gadget that almost everyone wants to have like digital camera, MP3 player, smartphone among others. You can run a simple survey before you launch your video so you will have an idea on the prize that will encourage them to participate in your contest. You can even come up with a series of small giveaways if you are planning to launch series of videos within the year. Now that will further arouse their curiosity and make them look forward to seeing more of your videos soon.

These are just some of the web video marketing tips to remember to get more people to watch your videos. Doing these things may be time-consuming, just be diligent and you’ll reap the benefits soon.

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